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“He gives strength to the faint and strengthens the powerless.”  Isaiah 40:29

Another month has gone by in our journey to strengthen our faith this year.  I’m feeling sad to end this month of blessings. Each day, as I’ve written I’ve thought of your faces, those I know and those I don’t.  I’ve thought of your battles, those I know about and those I don’t. I’ve asked the Lord with each one, “What blessing do they need today?”  I just hope and pray, this month you do feel showered in blessings. I pray your faith has grown. I pray you feel God’s presence in your life more today than you did on January 1st.

When I asked the Lord what today’s blessing should be, He said strength.  Strength to carry on into the next month. Strength to keep going. We have just begun the marathon we’re running in 2019.  We’ve run 6.5 miles of the 26 mile (and 385 yards to be exact) race. I hope there are people handing you cups of water to refresh you as you keep going.  I pray that you are able to find your breath when you’re fighting the uphill battles. I pray that when the heat of the sun beats down on you, you won’t stop.  You’ll keep going, even if you have to crawl on your knees, don’t stop. Let’s get to the end of this race together.

I have a friend battling a rare type of cancer.  He’s a runner and a coach, and just a few weeks ago he wrote these words:

“When you walk, one foot is always on the ground. When you run, most of the time you are actually airborne. For example: a 6-foot-tall runner with feet about 1 foot long was found to take 1,250 steps while running 8-minute miles. Thus, while covering 1 mile–5,280 feet–he was in touch with the ground for 1,250 feet and airborne for 4,030 feet. Put another way, he was in the air 76 percent of the time. So don’t think of it as a 10-mile run. Think of it as 7 miles of flying!”  Peter J. Vilasi

Don’t think of this marathon as a 26-mile run, think of it as 19.76 miles of flying with God!

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