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In 2019 I wrote a topical devotional for a women’s group. Each month I did a different deep dive into scripture. Topics included love, fear, thankfulness and rest. My favorite month was September. The theme was “Scatter Kindness.” The group focused on spreading random acts of kindness throughout the world.

I wrote my first travel blog the same month I scattered kindness. My husband and I went on a 3 week adventure with our RV for my 50th birthday. I scattered kindness in 11 different states. A record of what we hope is just the first of many trips is found here. I found courage for our adventure from my mom, a recap of the trip she took that inspired me is found here.

My Devotion to Digital for my Media Literacy class at Regent University

Prior to starting work on my Masters, I was Groups Coordinator at Waters Edge Church. During my tenure there I wrote small group curriculum’s. New Beginning’s was designed for new believer’s to answer their basic questions about life with Jesus. Casting Nets was designed to help people learn how to share their faith with others.

In addition to writing small group material, I was a weekly contributor to the Sermon Based Curriculum. Each week I would review the sermon and craft questions for small groups to discuss and dive deeper into the message. I also wrote Web Notes, a 5 day devotional plan to help attenders apply the weekly message to their life.

My prior life revolved around the world of retail, where I enjoyed success. A resume of that history is found here.