Sweet Concern

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Sweet concern.

Once you receive the Lord’s saving grace, you also want others to experience it.   When “The Passion of the Christ” movie came out in 2004, it deepened my understanding of Christ’s sacrifice; watching His beaten and bloody body nailed to the cross humbled me as I realized He did that for me. Baptized as an adult, I can still feel the unexplainable peace and joy as the pastor lifted me out of the water. Something spiritual happened then, and I knew my life had changed.

Because of my experience with Christ, I want everyone else to know it. Loving God and sharing His love with others helps introduce people to Jesus. Others will notice when we respond with grace and mercy, countercultural to the world around us. As they begin to ask questions, seeking the peace we find in Christ, we share it with them. And God willing, they will discover the joy of salvation Jesus offers.

Teach transgressors Jesus’ ways. Love people like Christ did. Share the joy of Jesus by caring for people, letting them know they matter and have value. God gave His only Son so the world would know how much He values every soul. The Lord doesn’t want any to perish, but all to come to Him.  Loving people well will help them know God’s ways and bring them into eternal life.


Lord, thank You for allowing us to share Christ with the world. Help us love others well, becoming more like Jesus. Bless our efforts, soften people’s hearts, and let us introduce Jesus to all we meet. May Your kingdom multiply as we love people for You.  IJNIP. Amen

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