Limit Visits

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Daily Reading: Jeremiah 28:1-29:32, 1 Timothy 1:1-20, Psalm 86:1-17, Proverbs 25:17

Daily Verse: “Let your foot be seldom in your neighbor’s house, lest he have his fill of you and hate you.” Prov. 25:17

Limit visits.

Dropping in on your neighbors too often wears out your welcome. Familiarity breeds contempt. Coming home after a long day at work, people want to relax in the sanctity of their homes. But if the neighbors descend when your car pulls into the driveway, it adds tension.

Years ago, we experienced a neighbor who dropped by too much, treating our house like he owned it. Unfortunately, setting boundaries caused friction in the relationship, but we had no privacy in our home, nor did he respect it as we did.

Difficult conversations occur when neighbors overstep their boundaries. Excessive visits will eventually lead to problems. But showing respect for others means understanding they don’t always want you around. And that’s OK.

Healthy relationships have healthy boundaries. Respecting your neighbor’s privacy and not stopping by too much will build solid relationships that stand the test of time.

Lord, forgive us for not respecting other people’s privacy. Please help us not wear out our welcome, set healthy boundaries, and build lasting relationships. Let us love our neighbors as ourselves. IJNIP. Amen

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