Joy of Salvation

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Joy of salvation.

Leaving a Pittsburgh Pirates game in the now-demolished Three Rivers Stadium, I got lost going through the turnstile. Traumatized, I looked around at the massive crowd and saw no one I knew. Only minutes passed before my parents found me, but in that time, the lost feeling I experienced carved a deep reservoir in my brain, one I will never forget. 

When Christ found me at the bottom of the pit, falling into His arms brought joy like I never knew. Even more potent than when I spotted my mom that day, I knew I had finally found my north star. Jesus saved me from my sins, pulled me out of the pit, and gave me the joy of salvation, one I’ve never lost since.

Although life has struggles, I stand on the rock that doesn’t move. I worship the unchanging God of grace and mercy in an ever-changing world, who never leaves or forsakes me. And so do you.

Revel in the joy of salvation as you meditate on Christ’s love and His saving grace, which chased you down, picked you up and brought you into His family.


Lord, thank You for saving a wretch like me. Help us remember the joy of salvation we found when we placed our faith in You, experiencing divine forgiveness and a renewed spirit. Let our lights shine brightly, drawing others to You with our obedience. May You receive all the glory. IJNIP. Amen

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