Continued Presence

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Continued presence.

David pleads with the Lord not to leave him. The psalmist didn’t have to worry; God never parts from us. If anything, we move away from the Creator, but He doesn’t leave. As happens in life, busyness can cause us to forget who gives us our strength. Only when trouble comes do we call out to Jesus. We don’t call on the Lord for help during good times, but as soon as the tides turn, we begin to look heavenward for help.

Because of his sinful past, David had reason to doubt the Lord’s loyalty. But God didn’t move; David did. When the warrior saw Bathsheba on the roof, he didn’t want the Lord around. No, David just wanted Bathsheba, another man’s wife. And he got her by killing one of his commanders. How sad that David killed an innocent man to meet his fleshly desires.

Honestly, we all succumb to our fleshly desires, but when we turn back to the Lord, He welcomes us with open arms. God never leaves us, but we do leave Him.  Changing our behavior requires knowing it. We can’t become a new person in Christ until we admit our way doesn’t work. Only then can we begin moving forward, letting go of past wounds, and experiencing purification from the Lord.


Thank You, Lord, for never leaving nor forsaking us. Forgive us for leaving You.  Help us see the sin in our lives so we can confess it to You and live life fully. Lead us from temptation, deliver us from evil, and create a renewed spirit in us full of grace and mercy. IJNIP. Amen

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