Clean Heart

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Clean heart.

David’s plea for a clean heart comes from knowledge of his sin. Tainted, his soul needed cleansing from the Lord, the only one capable of giving David a new spirit. Nothing feels better than purging our souls and receiving God’s mercy. Christ enables us to live life fully when we trust Him.  Spending time in the scriptures will help you get to know Jesus, experience His wisdom, and become more like the Savior. Each breath we take comes from above, our life’s full of purpose we discover as God cleanses us.

Spiritual transplants become necessary when we harden our hearts to the things of God. Caused by sin, the longer we live separated from the Lord, the more layers we develop around our hearts. In medicine, patients require heart transplants when the organ becomes diseased or weak. From a spiritual perspective, we need a clean heart to rescue us from our sinful natures. One prayer can give us the transplant we need, laying our sins at the foot of the cross, we receive Jesus’s mercy, purifying us.

Receive a clean heart. Ask the Lord to renew a right spirit within you. Turn your struggles over to God and let Him carry the burden. Find freedom from the trials of this world as you trust the Lord to fight your battles. In Christ, you will find victory and a clean heart.


Lord, thank You for giving us a heart transplant. Help us keep our hearts clean by becoming sensitive to the Holy Spirit, adjusting our course when necessary, and seeking Your forgiveness. When we lay our burdens down, don’t let us pick them back up again. Keep us on the straight and narrow as we follow You. IJNIP. Amen

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