Purge Me

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Purge me.

Begging the Lord to cleanse him, David prays for forgiveness. The psalmist desires cleanliness from his transgressions, a purification like the priests did for the Israelites in the Old Testament. Once a person had met the requirements for purification, the priests took hyssop, a wild shrub from the mint family, and sprinkled it on them, symbolizing cleansing. Metaphorically, the ritual made them pure, whiter than snow, signifying the person’s forgiveness and renewal.

God’s pleasure brings joy to the heart; allowing the Lord to search and purify us makes room for His delight. Not wanting any to perish, the Lord gladly receives our offering when we turn to God in repentance. Becoming one with the Creator requires us to humble and submit our spirit to His. Receiving God’s Spirit in us purifies us. Only the Lord’s grace and mercy can make us whiter than snow. We can’t experience God’s presence without our repentance. Sin separates us; confession unites us.

Communing with God begins when we receive His forgiveness and cleansing. Seeking the Lord’s wisdom helps us maintain the connection, keep us humble, and move forward. Without an internal renewal, we become misguided. But when the Lord searches our hearts, and we respond in repentance, He keeps us on the right path.


Lord, thank You for Your Spirit within us that cleanses and purifies our hearts. Heighten our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Let us quickly confess our sins, maintaining a right relationship with You.  As we become more like Christ, let us glorify You in all we do. With You, we can overcome the mountains of this world and find victory. IJNIP. Amen

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