Partiality in Judgment

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Daily Reading: 2 Kings 15:1-16:20, Acts 19:13-41, Psalm 147:1-20, Proverbs 18:4-5

Daily Verse: “It is not good to be partial to the wicked  or to deprive the righteous of justice.” Prov. 18:5

Partiality in judgment.

“You stand on your principles,” my sister told me years ago. At the time, I thought it an odd statement, but since she’s passed, I think of her words often. Standing on my principles seemed to cause me more harm than good, mainly because I struggle with grace.

But age helps me become more graceful as I understand it better. We can still stand on our principles but show grace to those who struggle. Some people don’t know Biblical principles, so we can’t expect them to live by them if they don’t know them.

Therefore, showing partiality in judgment doesn’t set a good example. Letting people get away with things doesn’t help them grow. Instead, we can create teachable moments to address sin and teach the principle with love.

Helping people become their best version takes time, effort, and much grace. But if people didn’t show me grace and teach me lessons, I wouldn’t grow. We can do the same for others.

Don’t compromise your principles; instead, teach with grace.

Lord, thankfully, You don’t compromise on principles but teach us with love. Help us do the same with those in our lives, not compromising but leading with love and grace. Lord, let us become the best version of ourselves and help others do the same. IJNIP.

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