Hunger Motivates Work

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Daily Reading: 1 Kings 3:3-4:34, Acts 6:1-15, Psalm 126:1-6, Proverbs 16:26-27

Daily Verse: “A worker’s appetite works for him; his mouth urges him on.” Prov” 6:26

Hunger motivates work.

Paying bills requires money, and to make income, we must work.  In high school, clothes motivated me to get a job.  Mom wouldn’t buy me the frilly luxuries I wanted, but she drove me to my job so I could make the money to buy them.

Appetite for things, whether food or possessions, causes us to find ways to make the money to buy them.  Few of us have the luxury of wealthy families, as seen on shows like Dynasty.  Most of us must work for the things we want to have.

Ron and I have clear financial goals set for today, five years from now, and further.  Each day, the money we earn goes into its designated place in our budget, providing food, clothing, bills, savings, etc.

Desiring things motivates us to work to get them.  Satisfaction comes when we can buy the things we want because of the money we earn.  Biblical financial strategies lead to prosperity as you practice what God teaches.

Lord, forgive our laziness.  Thank You for providing jobs we can work and make income to buy the things we need.  Please help us make wise decisions with our money; let us work smarter, not harder. IJNIP. Amen

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