Can a Man Carry Fire?

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Daily Reading: Exodus 17:8-19:15, Matthew 22:34-23:12, Psalm 27:7-14, Proverbs 6:27-35

As campers, we build fires often. Hot coals gather quickly once the fire starts going and become deadly to the touch within minutes. The flame’s heat causes us to stay far from it, using a poker to stoke the fire when necessary.

Once a fire gets going, it requires effort to put out. If you go looking for trouble, you will find it harder to stop than you think. 

Playing with fire never ends well. Starting an inferno begins with one match. A little flame turns into a raging blaze that destroys everything in its path.

My friend uses the analogy of a frog placed in cold water on the stove. When the burner begins to heat the water, the frog doesn’t realize the temperature change, warming with the flames. 

Playing with fire may seem innocent, but like the frog, we don’t realize the inferno’s danger until too late.

Lord, forgive us our inclination to play with fire. Help us avoid the temptations of the day ahead. Guide us on straight paths that bring life to us, not take it away. IJNIP. Amen

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