How Listening to Wise Mentors Will Make You Smart

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Daily Reading: Ruth 3-4 GW; Proverbs 31 GW

Find wise mentors.

You will meet many people who have passionate opinions about how you should live your life.  Wisely choose what ideas you embrace.  Find someone older than you whose life you would like to emulate.  When you need advice, take it from someone who has already gone where you want to go.

Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, was a mentor to Ruth.  Through her, Ruth came to know God.  Naomi introduced her daughter-in-law to an entirely new life.  Following Jewish customs, Naomi called on her next of kin to marry Ruth.  Trusting Naomi completely, Ruth did what she told her to do.  As a result, Ruth became a great grandmother to King David.

Ruth was a smart woman.  She chose her mentor wisely.  Ruth is also one of the few women in the Bible who has the description, “woman of noble character” (Ruth 3:11 NIV).  Not only was Ruth smart, but she was also noble.

Listen and learn

When God gives you a wise mentor in your life, lap up everything they say.  Sit at their feet and listen to their stories.  Learn from their life experiences.  Listening to wise counsel helps you negotiate the storms of life.  Whoever you choose, they’ve gone through trials.  They can help you navigate yours.  No one’s life is easy, no matter what their social media feed might say.

Naomi and Ruth were recovering from a tremendous loss in their lives.  But their guiding light was God.  Amid their misery, they clung to Him.  Naomi, teaching her daughter-in-law how to let God lead them.

Consider the source of the information you receive.  Just because someone says something convincingly doesn’t mean you should listen.  Look at the fruits of their life.  Find someone who is producing good fruit.  Seek their counsel on how you can do the same.


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Lord, thank You for Your guiding light. Forgive us for turning anywhere else but You. Help us always seek Your counsel first and foremost.  Lead us to mentors who will help us grow and mature in faith and life.   Help us wisely choose who we take advice from on earth.  Remind us we should always consider the source.  Give us conviction through Your Spirit of who we follow.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who is a wise mentor in your life?

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  1. Love this post!! Mentors are worth their weight in gold. Good friends who provide honest feedback are true friends also.

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