What Will Make You Follow God Anywhere?

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Daily Reading: Ruth 1-2 GW; Psalms 129 GW; Proverbs 30 GW

Faithful servants inspire followers.

Ruth is speaking to her mother-in-law, Naomi, in today’s verse.  From Bethlehem, Naomi and her family moved to Moab, Ruth’s hometown, because of a famine in the land.  While Naomi was a resident in a foreign country, she lost her husband and two sons.  But not before her sons took wives, Ruth and Orpah.  Desolate and distraught, Naomi decides to move back to Bethlehem, where she has relatives.  Her daughters-in-law wanted to go with her, but Naomi wouldn’t let them.  However, Ruth refused to take no for an answer.  Naomi’s faithful service to her God made Ruth want to follow Him too.

Actions do matter.

Naomi’s presence in her life inspired faith in Ruth.  Watching as her mother-in-law handled her family’s loss, yet didn’t turn her back on God impacted Ruth.  Naomi’s actions sparked an interest in Ruth that only God could quench.  She wanted to know more about this foreign God that inspired loyalty despite the circumstances.  Remember, Ruth, lost her husband and was also grieving.  But in Naomi’s God, she found hope.

Hope is a catalyst.

In God, we find hope.  Just like Naomi and Ruth were hopeful moving back to Bethlehem would bring a better life, we find hope following Jesus.  When Ruth refused to turn around, she had no idea that decision would put her in the direct lineage of Jesus.  She became the great grandmother of King David.  But on that day, on the dusty road, Ruth didn’t know her fate.  All Ruth knew was she wanted to go wherever God was taking her, even into foreign territory.  

Your faith can inspire others.

God takes us places we never imagined.  His plan for our lives is specific and purposeful.  To follow, we must have faith.  People will notice your faithfulness.  You never know who you’re inspiring as you daily walk with Christ.


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Lord, You rock.  Even in the worst of circumstances, You are working.  Forgive us for thinking You aren’t present.  Give us each faith to follow You boldly today.  As people witness our actions, let them inspire curiosity in others.  Like Ruth, give us hearts to follow You anywhere.  Remove any fears we have; give us the courage to go wherever You lead.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Where is God taking you today?

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