What Will Make You Fall from Faith

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Daily Reading: Genesis 35 GW; Matthew 13 GW

Lack of roots causes you to fall from faith.

Root systems in plants are typically found underground, out of sight of the human eye.  The roots’ network serves four purposes: anchor the plant to the soil, absorb water and nutrients, feed the water and nutrients to the stem, and store food.  From a Christ-follower’s perspective, roots are the unseen practices in private that anchor us firmly in God.

Each day you choose to open God’s word, absorb His teachings into your life, memorize scripture, then apply it to your life; your roots grow deeper.  How extensive your root system develops is dependent on you.

Often, when you put Jesus’s teachings into practice, people misunderstand your intentions.  As a lifelong Christ-follower, I’ve experienced this many times over my life.  Roots in Christ cause choices that go against worldly practices.  When you don’t do what everyone else is doing, people tend to ostracize you.  Most people care more about what other humans think than what God thinks.  To keep the faith, you must develop a root system dependent only on God.

Daily devotion causes deep roots.

If you have ever planted a seed and watched it grow into a plant, you understand, growth takes time.  When you first begin seeking God, that is the first tendril of a root starting its journey into the solid ground of God’s goodness.  Every day you pursue Him, the seed grows a little more.  Eventually, the actions done in secret begin to overflow into your daily life as the sprouts of your devotion poke through into the world around you.

When the storms of life hit, hopefully, you’ve grown a root system that will sustain the rampage.  Troubles will happen.  God tells us so in His word.  But if your roots are in Him, He’ll support you no matter what rages around you.


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Lord, how grateful we are for Your presence in our lives.  Help us today to strengthen our root system.  As we seek You, let Your word nourish us.  Let our minds memorize Your Word, so we have it on the ready, no matter what the day brings.  Blossom us into people who reflect Christ’s love to the world, no matter what the storm.  Let the love and grace we find in You flow from us to others.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How can you strengthen your root system today?

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