What Will Make You Produce Good Fruit?

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Daily Reading: Genesis 34 GW; Matthew 12 GW; Psalms 64 GW

Loving like Jesus produces good fruit.

With every person you encounter, ask yourself a simple question.  How would Jesus love them?  Each individual requires a different response.  People receive love differently. Past experiences and hurts cause people to build walls around their heart, protection from further pain.  Lack of trust causes people to question innocent motives.  If we’re going to love people well, we have to learn how to love from Jesus.

Within the pages of scriptures, Jesus shows us the way.  He cared for the sick, loved the unlovable, and forgave the unforgivable. Above all, Jesus took no offense. Jesus is the master at loving people. We can’t imitate what we don’t know.  If we want to reflect Jesus to the world, we have to know Him. 

You choose the fruit you produce.

Honestly, what you produce depends on you.  You can either react with anger, jealousy, and bitterness or not.  Controlling your reaction is that simple.  As an adult, you have the capability of managing your responses.  When you partner your life with Jesus, He’ll show you how to produce fruit with eternal ramifications.  His answer is always one of love.

To help me control my reactions, I tell myself what I’m not going to do.  For instance, I’m working on taking no offense.  No matter what someone does, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Instead of assuming negative thoughts, I’m working on not thinking anything.  When my temper begins to flair, I remind myself, take no offense.  More than anything, putting into practice what Jesus did helps me manage my emotions.  When I keep the feelings under control, I gain a better perspective of the situation.  Then I am more equipped to love instead of assume.


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Lord, how grateful we are for Jesus.  His example of loving You and people is one we can all benefit from today.  Help us to forgive those we’re struggling to forgive.  Let us serve those who are sick and are in need.  Give us love from above to love those around us, especially those we struggle with most.  Today Lord, let us take no offense.  Instead, let us respond like Jesus, with love.  May we produce good fruit in all we do today. IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How can you love like Jesus today?

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