Recognizing You Are Spiritually Helpless Will Make You an Heir

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Daily Reading: Genesis 24 GW; Matthew 5 GW

Recognition is the key to spiritual growth.

If you don’t recognize your need for God, you won’t develop a relationship with Him.  Each of us has a void inside of us; only Jesus can fill it.  Unfortunately, most people don’t understand they need God in their lives, especially living in America.  Everything is in abundance in the United States.  Where I live, I’m a mile from anything I could want.  Food, clothing, and shelter are readily available for anyone.  Non-profits organizations offer help for the homeless.  Physical needs met; we think we don’t need God.  But that is a lie from the pit of hell.

Life is about more than stuff.  Spiritual life is unseen with the naked eye.  God’s presence in our lives is necessary if we’re to live life to the fullest.  If we don’t recognize our need for Him, we’ll miss out on the life He intends for us.  As we embrace our limitations and accept God’s infinite power within us, we begin to live fully.

Jesus makes you an heir.

On a recent camping trip, a cold snap in weather caused a shortage of firewood.  We spent hours looking for wood to no avail.  Even though simple, the lack of readily available firewood reminded me of my dependence on God.  He is the one who provides all of our needs.  My helplessness to solve the situation reminded me of the One who isn’t helpless.

Just like we depend on God for physical needs, we do the same for spiritual needs.  Only when we recognize our human condition do we turn to Jesus.  When we turn to Jesus, He makes us an heir with Him in the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are those who recognize their spiritual helplessness; let them call on Jesus to fill the void.


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Lord, we’re thankful You help us see our need for You.  As we experience the void, only You can fill, help us turn to Jesus.  Don’t let the availability of physical comforts keep us from experiencing life with You.  Instead, help us live our lives to the fullest as we place our trust in You.  Keep us moving forward in our relationship with You.  Each day, draw us into your presence as we inherit Your Kingdom through Christ.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Have you recognizes your spiritual helplessness?

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