What Will Make You Lose Your Reward?

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Daily Reading: Genesis 25 GW; Matthew 6 GW; Psalms 127 GW

Intent is key to receiving God’s reward.

At first glance, this verse seems harsh, but it isn’t.  God’s reward in this situation is found no other way and is hard to describe.  When you do something to attract people’s attention, you’re not attracting God’s.  But when you do something inspired from your heart, because of Jesus, that God sees.  

Heart inspired actions reflect God to the world.  Random acts of kindness (RAK) is a phrase everyone hears.   The first time I did a RAK I found it challenging.   What seems like a simple gesture is anxiety-ridden for me.  Because of past experiences, I’m shell shocked. People have hurt me in ways I didn’t know they could.  Determined to push past my fear of people,  I paid the check for the person in line behind me at a drive-thru. No one knows my deed but God.  And His reward is great.  For me, the reward is overcoming my fear of people.  Which is greater than any material gift I could receive.

God rewards pure intent.

What God desires is pure intent.  Our motives are to please God, not people. Gaining the right attitude means making God a priority.  Instead of caring what people think, care about what God thinks.  No matter who you are, or what you do, you will never please everyone.  Someone will not like what you do.  Please God, let Him deal with the people.  When you focus on His goodness, it will flow from you.  His rewards are plenty when you honor Him with your actions.

God’s reward isn’t man’s.  People’s approval isn’t necessary to receive what God has for you.


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Lord, Your ways are not our ways. We’re grateful Your grace covers our flaws.  Help us today to have hearts of pure intent.  Let our actions reflect Your love to the world.  Help us believe that You do know all we do.  As we strive for obedience, show us the steps we need to take to honor You.  Strengthen us as only You can.  Your strength allows us to do the things that alone we cannot do.  Your reward is the one we crave.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What is a random act of kindness you can do today?

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