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“Blessed is the people of whom this is true; blessed is the people whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 144:15 NIV )

Jesus gives us hope.

On this day, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, enjoy the blessing.  Relish in the hope of who you are becoming as you follow Jesus.  He forgave your sins; you have life anew.  Each morning, fresh mercy awaits for the day ahead.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23 NIV)

Believe in the power of Jesus to transform your life.  Whatever you can’t forgive yourself for this year, Jesus can help you.  His grace flows to you the minute you confess whatever to Him.  Embrace His grace; let go of the past.  Charge boldly into the day, knowing you are a child of God.  Because you have given Him your heart, He’s given you His peace.  Whatever trial you face, He has the answer.  In Him, find hope for your future.

Christmas is about Christ.

The day Jesus was born, the calendar changed forever.  Before His birth, B.C. or “Before Christ,” marked years.  After his birth, the calendar changed to A.D. or “Anno Domini,” which is Latin for “Year of the Lord.”  However, a movement is underway to change these abbreviations to BCE, “Before Common Era,”  and CE, “Common Era.”  Changing terminology doesn’t change events.  Jesus still lived, died, and was resurrected.  Today’s world is trying to take Christ out of Christmas.  People may ignore history, but that doesn’t change its existence.

Take time today to celebrate Jesus’s entrance into the world.  Spend a few moments thinking about your life with Him.  Recall times over the past months you’ve felt His presence.  Talk to Him today about whatever is on your heart.  Ask Him to give you an extra measure of love to share with the world.  Manifest the hope you have in Jesus through your actions.

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD.” (Jeremiah 17:7 NIV)

As you deal with difficult family members or grumpy friends, remember they’re suffering too.  Each of us is carrying pain.  Just because you can’t see the hurt doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  People need hope today.  They need to know their pain, God will use it for the good if they trust and believe in Him.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 NIV)

You have hope in Jesus.  Because your faith is in Him, His light is in you.  Shine brightly today for Him.  Let the hope you have flow through to all those you encounter today.

Question of the Day:

Who can you share the hope you have in Jesus with today?

Further Reading: Zechariah 8 NIV, Revelation 16:1-21NIV, Psalm 144 NIV, Proverbs 30:29-31 NIV

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