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“Consequently those who have faith are blessed with Abraham, who had faith.”  Galatians 3:9 CSB

I love the word “Consequently” in this verse, it reads like an afterthought, but it certainly isn’t.  God is just confirming the covenant He made with Abraham way back in Genesis 12:3. Notice though, the last word, faith.  In order to share in the covenant God made with Abraham, we have to have faith. You can be “shore” you are blessed because of your faith.

Do you remember the true story of the Chilean miners who were trapped for 69 days in the late summer of 2010?  There were 33 men who went to work on August 5 and didn’t go home until Oct. 13. A cave-in that day caused them to be trapped 2300 feet underground, 3 miles from the entrance to the mine.  Miraculously, when they were finally rescued, none were seriously injured with no long term physical effects. How is that possible? It is possible because they are blessed men who have faith.

A movie called “33” was made of this event. There is a line in it that truly epitomizes faith.  It’s a conversation between 2 of the miners. One says, “We can pray.” To which his friend says, “I don’t know how.”  Without a flinch, his buddy responds, “God doesn’t care.” And He is so right. God doesn’t care if you have the right words, He just wants you to talk to Him.  To turn to Him in your hour of need and ask for help. When you’re in the bottom of the cave and all seems lost, turn to Him. Acknowledge Him. He’s there, He’s waiting, you’re never alone.

Just as the miner’s did as they were lifted from the pit, give praise in the good times.  It is way easier to cling to God when you’re down in the pit. But when the sun is shining and you don’t have a care in the world, it’s easy to forget Who gave it to you.  It’s easy to forget the Creator in the midst of obvious blessings. Sometimes the blessings aren’t as obvious when you’re in the pit. For the 33 men who survived 69 days in darkness, they know there are blessings there as well.  They are the air you breathe, the food and water you have to eat, the lack of sickness that occurred while they were in there, the fact that they all survived with minimum health issues. Those are all blessings these men shared in a pit together.  They know the truth of this verse, those who have faith are blessed.

Be “shore” you know you are blessed.  Your faith is key to your blessed life.

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