Sacred Assembly

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“Sabbath is a day to refresh your soul and find strength for the week ahead.”


Sacred assembly.

Another Sunday, another opportunity to rest and refresh for the week ahead. Starting the next seven days by assembling with other believers will invigorate you. Taking time to worship God in a corporate setting helps all who attend. Sharing our faith by publicly gathering together encourages others to do the same. Spending time singing, praying, and learning about the Lord on Sundays will help us persevere through the trials of the coming week.

Everyone endures hardships. Life without trials doesn’t happen. Through our struggles, we learn obedience, not through our joys. Clinging to the Lord when life overwhelms us and obeying His commands despite our feelings will help us find victory. Declare today a day of sacred assembly, join with other Christ followers, and find encouragement for your journey as you rest from your worries, giving them to God and trusting Him for victory.

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