Delicious Morsels

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Daily Reading: Lamentations 3:1-66, Hebrews 1:1-14, Psalm 102:1-28, Proverbs 26:21-22

Daily Verse: “The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels; they go down into the inner parts of the body.” Prov. 26:22

Delicious morsels.

When we hear a juicy gossip, it can take root within us and begin a flame that turns into a quarrel. Wise people know to look at the intent behind the words and not take everything at face value. People gossiping usually do it with malicious intent and because someone else’s misery makes them feel better about themselves.

Sharing prayer requests about someone differs from gossiping. Praying for someone, especially when they can’t pray for themselves, helps them out of the valley. Gossiping drives them further down into the pit.

Become an advocate for others by stopping gossip in its tracks. One of the most sinuous forms of deceit, malicious talk spreads like wildfire, destroying lives and sometimes causing irreparable damage. Throw water on the flames by not engaging, confronting the gossiper, and stopping the quarrel.

Let the Lord’s light shine through you with your actions and words. Encourage and uplift people instead of tearing them down.

Lord, forgive us for taking part in gossip. Please give us the wisdom and discernment to recognize and stop malicious talk. Let our lights shine brightly for You with our words and actions. IJNIP. Amen

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