Parental Discipline

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Daily Reading: Ecclesiastes 1:1-3:22, 2 Corinthians 6:1-13, Psalm 46:1-11, Proverbs 22:15

Daily Verse: “Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away.” Prov. 22:15

Parental discipline.

Kids need discipline; born sinners; we all do. God never stops guiding and maturing us through situations that cause us to learn and grow; as our heavenly parent, He disciplines us. Earthly parents do the same for their kids.

One day, giving a tennis lesson to a mother and son, the child threw a fit, almost hitting me in the face with a ball hit in anger. Mom’s response shocked me, “What can I do to make you happy?” Seriously, your kid almost injured me because of his inability to take instruction and control his emotions, and instead of disciplining him, you want to make him happy?

If parents don’t teach right and wrong to their children, they won’t learn it. My mother would have pulled me off the court and, yes, smacked my butt and sat me on the bench until I learned the lesson. Mom taught me right and wrong, and she disciplined me.

In today’s world, disciplining children invites controversy. Not a parent, I pray for moms and dads who deal with this issue daily, asking God to guide and direct them, knowing they don’t have an easy task. May the Lord help you all.

Lord, I pray for parents worldwide doing their best to raise their children. Guide and direct them, help them navigate the controversial topic in today’s world, and develop strong followers of Jesus as they do. IJNIP. Amen

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