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Daily Reading: Exodus 34:1-35:9 ESV, Matthew 27:15-31 ESV, Psalm 33:12-22 ESV, Proverbs 9:1-6 ESV

Daily Verse: “Pilate said to them, “Then what shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?” They all said, “Let him be crucified!” (Matthew 27:22 ESV)

STAUROO (4717): “To impale on the cross; fig. to extinguish (subdue) passion or selfishness-crucify (46x).  Metaphorically, ‘the putting off of the flesh with its passions and lusts,’ a condition fulfilled in the case of those who are ‘in Christ Jesus,’ so of the relationship between the believer and the world.”[i]

Jesus crucified for you.

In a world full of narratives, Jesus’ truth stands the test of time.  With over 500 witnesses alive during the writing of the New Testament, they validate the book. The fact remains the same, Jesus lived and died for us.  His resurrection proved accurate because of eyewitness testimony.

Crucifixion meant hanging the offender on a cross, nails hammered through hands and feet holding the person in place.  Death comes from suffocation; the body’s weight pulls the arms down, eventually making breathing impossible.[i]  Jesus suffered for our sins; make no mistake about the facts.

Respect the act.

What Jesus did for us deserves respect.  No other “god” shows such love.  Buddha’s last words as he died from eating tainted pork[ii]:

“Work hard to gain your own salvation.” Buddha[iii]

Our Savior’s last words before drawing His last breath:

“It is finished,” Jesus (John 19:30 ESV)

People create gods out of humans.  God came in the flesh, fulfilling over 300 prophecies, connecting us to Him.  Jesus lived so that we could find life to the fullest.  He died for our sins, not His—honor Jesus’ actions with your life.  Show gratitude for His sacrifice by taking steps of faith.

Trust the one who hung for you—experience life to the fullest with Jesus as your guide.

[i] Strong, J., & Strong, J. (2010). The New Strong’s expanded exhaustive concordance of the Bible. Greek Dictionary of the New Testament (p 233) Thomas Nelson




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