How God’s Kindness Will Make You Find Faith

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Daily Reading: Ezekiel 21-22 GW; Psalms 5 GW; 1 Timothy 1 GW

God is kind.

Paul recognizes God’s kindness in his life.  Once a persecutor of Christians, Paul now has new life in Christ.  Paul stoned and killed people for the sake of the law, yet one day, while walking to Damascus, God intervened. Forgiving Paul, God changed his world with one interaction.

Forgiveness is God’s kindness.  Whatever you’re beating yourself up for today, God forgave you.  When we place our trust in Christ, we receive unconditional love and forgiveness.  In God’s sovereignty, He knows our sins.   Thankfully, I’ve not killed nor stoned anyone, but I have committed sins that I find hard to forgive.  I know all the skeletons in my closet, and some of them seem unforgivable from my perspective.  But they are not from God’s.

God’s mercy never ends.

Understanding God forgives you is His kindness.  We must have faith to receive God’s mercy.  All God wants is for us to believe and accept the grace He offers.

My husband shows me grace constantly.  Recently, we had a miscommunication.  I misunderstood something he said; his communication wasn’t clear.  Both of us were at fault, but more me than him.  During our fight, I said words I regret.  But he forgives me, not holding them against me.  His act of grace causes me to love him more.  Ron doesn’t bring up our past arguments; once over, he lets them go.  Because of Ron’s grace for me, I’m learning to have more grace for others.

God’s grace is kindness.  When God says He forgives, He does so entirely.  What you deem unforgivable, God forgives.  If we’re to start fresh every morning, then we need to receive God’s mercies anew.  God wipes the slate clean; we get a chance to fill it with different choices.  

Receiving God’s kindness is genuine.  Grace is a free gift offered to us.  Nothing we do can earn God’s mercy.  God’s kindness leads to faith.


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Lord, thank You for Your kindness towards us.  Forgive us for not accepting the gifts You offer.  Help us accept Your grace and mercy today.  As we receive Your kindness, help it build our faith.  Let us share what we receive with all we meet.  Help us shine Your light brightly today.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How do you receive God’s kindness?

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