How Planting the Wrong Seed Will Make You Sorry

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Daily Reading: Ezekiel 16 GW; Galatians 6 GW

God isn’t a fool.

Heart business is God’s passion.  Without a doubt, God understands the motives of our actions.  Turning to Him is an opportunity for healing, but often we go in the opposite direction.  After all, if God was so good, why did something terrible happen?  Don’t we have a right to rebel against our Creator?  But we never fool God; he knows what we’re doing.

If you plant meanness, you’ll receive it in return.  Whatever we put out is what we get back.  In my younger years, my anger over the loss of my father made me unpleasant.   Walking around with a chip on my shoulder, feeling like the world owed me, is an accurate description of those days.  Resentment towards others’ good fortune caused me to isolate myself.  If I didn’t let anyone near me, they couldn’t hurt me.  Self-defense doesn’t make sense sometimes.

But I was heading in the wrong direction.  Instead of running to God, I ran from Him.  Hindsight three decades later gives me a perfect vision.  No one harmed me but me.  

Plant spiritually.

“If you plant in ⌞the soil of⌟ your corrupt nature, you will harvest destruction. But if you plant in ⌞the soil of⌟ your spiritual nature, you will harvest everlasting life.” (Galatians 6:8 GW)

Doing the right thing is something we must choose every day.  Reading God’s Word, connecting daily with Him helps us to accomplish divine tasks.  Without God’s intervention, we can’t plant in our spiritual nature.  Our corrupt nature only causes trouble; God’s pure nature produces a bountiful harvest.

Remember, everyone is struggling; you’re not the only one.  Each person is born into their battles.  How we respond to the unpleasant side of life is our choice.  Let God’s Spirit help you plant the right seeds.  Create beauty from ashes by giving God your pain.

Bad seeds produce wicked crops.  Good seeds produce bounties from heaven.  You can’t fool God. With Him, all things are possible.


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Lord, thank You for caring about our hearts.  Forgive us for trying to fool You.  Grant us an extra measure of grace as we move through our days.  Don’t let us get caught in our corrupt nature.  Help us plant vibrant seeds in Your spiritual nature that will produce everlasting life.  IJNIP.  Amen.

Question for reflection

What kind of seeds are you planting?

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