Asking God for Blessing Will Make You Expand Your Territory

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Daily Reading: 1 Chronicles 4 GW; Luke 6 GW

Jabez asked and received.

In the long line of descendants from Judah, we discover Jabez.  His name means “Painful” because his birth was so difficult.  According to Ezra, author of Chronicles, “Jabez was more honorable than his brothers” (1 Chronicles 4:9 GW).  Hidden in the lineage, we find today’s verse.  A bold prayer prayed by an honorable man who received a favorable answer from God.

Because Jabez asked, he received.  “God gave him what he prayed for” (1 Chronicles 4:10 GW).  Immediately after this verse, Ezra picks back up with the genealogy of Judah.  

What made Jabez special?  Why did God give Jabez what he wanted? Because Jabez lived an honorable life and made specific prayer requests.  God loves prayers that are detailed and precise.  If we aren’t particular with our requests, how can we know if God answered?

Pray specifically.

Whatever situation you are dealing with today, lift it to God with details.  Ask Him for specifics, then wait for God’s response.  Remember, planting seeds means waiting for the harvest.  God isn’t a vending machine in the sky.  You don’t put money in the slot, and out pops whatever you want.  God doesn’t work that way.

What God does do is listen to your requests.  He understands the heart behind the ask.  Jabez was honorable; he wanted more so he could do more for the Lord.  God knew Jabez’s heart; his heavenly Father knew his intentions were pure.  God knows the same about us.  He knows the motives of our hearts.  If we’re in line with God’s will, He’ll grant the request.  If not, He won’t.

Bring boldness into your prayers as you lift specific requests to the Lord.  Check your motives and make sure they are in line with God’s.  If what you’re asking for helps you to love God and His people, odds are, God will expand your territory too.


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Lord, thank You for granting our requests.  Forgive us for asking for things that don’t further Your kingdom.  As we align our hearts with Yours, help us to have pure motives.  When we lift specific prayer requests to You, help our faith grow as we wait for Your answer.  In all things, let us have pure motives and a heart for You.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What are you praying specifically for today?

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