How Foxes Will Make You Become Vigilant

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Daily Reading: Psalms 45 GW; Song of Solomon 1-6 GW

Foxes nibble.

Song of Solomon is the steamiest book in the Bible.  Solomon is writing a love poem to his betrothed, Shulamite.  When we find this gem of a verse hidden in chapter two, it’s an acknowledgment that relationships have enemies.  Little foxes like to nibble at the vines, killing them.  In the same way, couples must become vigilant of the little things that can destroy their relationship.

In marriage, lots of things try to nibble the vines.  Setting up “fences” to keep the foxes out will preserve your relationship.  My husband and I don’t spend time with someone of the opposite sex alone.  We are intentional about church attendance, small group participation and couples devotions.  On the way home from our honeymoon, we created a budget which we still use today.  My husband and I rarely argue about money.  All of these things are fences we’ve put in place that keep the foxes from nibbling our vines.

The problem with nibblers is that the bites are small.  At first, you don’t realize the damage is being done to the vine.  Often, by the time you realize you have a fox nibbling, it’s too late.  The damage is done, sometimes beyond repair.

Creating fences protects the vine.

Planting a flourishing vineyard means keeping the predators out.  Knowing what your foxes are will help you construct protective fences.  If you make your fence with too many gaps in it, the tiny foxes will find a way through.  

Take time to discover what potential foxes you have in your relationships.  Foxes nibble on all types of vines, not just romantic ones.  Understanding the threat helps you construct the proper defenses.  

Become vigilant to the foxes in your relationships and eliminate them. Watch your relationships thrive.


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Lord, thank You for our relationships with You and others.  Forgive us for letting the foxes nibble at the vines, trying to destroy our relationships.  Show us today the foxes that are attacking our vineyards.  Help us to construct suitable fences to keep them out.  Lord, bless our relationships as we strive to put You first in all of them.  As we grow closer to You, help us become more receptive to the love You have for us, then help us share it with others.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What are the foxes in your relationship?

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