Why Integrity Will Make Your Character Grow

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Daily Reading: Psalms 101 GW; 2 Kings 23-25 GW

Practice integrity, build character.

Integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”   In other words, tell the truth and do what you say you’re going to do.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, integrity isn’t valued. 

People value narrative over integrity; their story versus the actual story.  

Having integrity is difficult.  Admitting your wrongdoings isn’t fun for anyone. 

Last week I made an expensive, unreturnable impulse purchase without consulting my husband.  We have a rule in our marriage we won’t spend above a certain amount without talking to the other person.  Knowing I was breaking a rule we had set, I bought an “as is” shark robot vacuum cleaner without talking to him.

Growing pains come with integrity.

Immediately after the clerk handed me the receipt I felt guilty.  My husband works hard, I had just spent money we really didn’t need to spend.  I felt horrible and immediately wanted to return the vacuum.  But I couldn’t.

Instead, I told the truth. 

My impulse buy tested my integrity with my husband.  I had a choice of whether I tried to hide the truth from him or not.  Telling the truth is always the right way to go, even if it means you may suffer consequences.  My husband could have been mad at me; thankfully, he wasn’t.

When faced with the decision to cover up your sin, bite the bullet.  Don’t waste time trying to hide something that won’t stay hidden.  Your character grows as you become more comfortable with who you are, a child of God.

Children of God recognize life is a journey.  They understand, each opportunity to practice integrity grows them closer to God and His children.  Our imperfections are made perfect in Christ.  

Experience growth today as you practice integrity.


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Lord, thank You for Jesus.  No matter how many times we thank You, it’s not enough.  Forgive us for the times in our lives when we’ve been dishonest.  Help us today to practice integrity.  Whatever situations we find ourselves in today, let us tell the truth.  Help us accept the love You have for us and honestly believe it in our souls.  As we become more comfortable receiving Your love for us, help us share it with everyone, we meet.  All glory is Yours.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who do you need to tell the truth to today?

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