God Recording Your Days Will Make You Wonder How

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Daily Reading: Deuteronomy 31 GW; Proverbs 15 GW; Psalms 139 GW

God already knows the days of your life.

How is that possible?  Our human minds can’t comprehend this thought.  God’s sovereignty in our lives is more than we can grasp.  Yet, not only does God know what we will do, He’s already recorded it in your memoir.  God knows the day you were born, AND the day you will die.  He also knows everything in between.

When you fell and scraped your knee as a child, God knew.  Your first heartbreak, God knows both sides of the story.  What jobs you will have, if and who you will marry, where you will live, all things known by God before you were ever born.  How can He possibly know?

No one on earth can answer that question.  Our humanness disqualifies us from understanding God’s ways.  Faith means believing in what you can’t see and what you don’t understand.  God makes the sunrise and set.  The birds chirp because of the breath He gives them.  God is the Creator of all; He knows all.  From beginning to end, God knows the whole story.

God knows your choice.

Whether you choose to follow Jesus or not, God already knows the answer.  He gives us room to make our own choices.  God’s heart grieves when we turn from Him, but only with free will can we truly love.  Forcing someone to have deep affection for you isn’t deep affection; it’s tyranny.  God isn’t a tyrant.  He is a loving Father who wants the best for His children.

We don’t have to understand all of God’s ways to have faith in Him.  We just have to trust in His plan for our lives.  Let Him write your story.  Follow His lead.  When you do, you’ll find your purpose.


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Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for writing our story.  Thank You for knowing us before we were born.  Forgive us the times we falsely think we’re in control.  Thank You for reminding us of Your sovereignty.  Help us meditate on this verse today.  Speak to our soul as we think about the books You’ve written for each of us.  Since You know each day before we live it, guide us on the path You would have us take.  In all things, the glory is Yours.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How does God knowing your days before they happen make you wonder?

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