God’s Spirit Will Make You Have Power, Love, and Good Judgement

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Daily Reading: Numbers 8-10 GW; 2 Timothy 1 GW

God’s Spirit fills you.

Embracing God’s Spirit strengthens our lives.  We’re no longer alone in the battle of good and evil.  God’s Spirit is our constant companion, providing us with what we need. When we submit to Him, He gives us power, love, and good judgment.  However, tuning into the promptings given by the Spirit is mandatory.  We can ignore them entirely if we’re not careful.

Part of making time for God in your daily life is to tune into His promptings.  When we spend time reading His word, it helps reframe our thinking.  Instead of focusing on the worldly events around us, our minds tune into God’s work.  One prayer I’ve recently started praying came from my pastor.  Each morning, I make this request:

“God, show me what You are doing today and how I can be a part of it.” 

What this simple prayer does is tune me into God.  As I walk through my days, God’s Spirit helps me see what He is doing, then join in with Him.

Work with God.

Instead of working against God, work with Him. Allow His Spirit to lead you.  When you see the young mom struggling to get her stroller through the door, open it for her.  When a friend is grieving, grieve with them.  When people rejoice, rejoice as well.  Show up for the people God places in your life, whether family, friend, or stranger.   God is working in their lives, and You are His messenger.  Through You, with His Spirit, God’s power, love, and sound judgment become a reality as you join Him in His work.

Allow God’s Spirit to fill your life.  Receive His power, love, and good judgment.  Then share what He gives you with others.


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Lord, You are our strength.  Your Spirit guides and directs us when we tune into You.  Forgive us for all the times we ignore the promptings instead of following our desires.  Help us today see what You are doing and how we can participate.  Give us action steps we can take, knowing You’ve already given us the power, love, and sound judgment we need to complete whatever the task.  In You, we find life to the fullest.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Where can you join God in His work today?

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