Discipline Will Make You Grow

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Daily Reading: Numbers 7 GW; Psalms 99 GW

Staying on course requires discipline.

God’s forgiveness doesn’t mean He won’t discipline.  Correction is necessary if we want to experience life change.  “Teachable moments:” are an event or experience that presents a good opportunity to learn something about a particular aspect of life. God knows how to use discipline in our life to help us learn something He’s trying to teach us.

As a tennis coach, the lessons taught are applicable on the court or off.  For instance, when we’re playing a point-based drill and a student makes an incorrect line call, it’s a teachable moment.  I have an opportunity to coach the students on how to handle conflict.  Whether the wrong call was deliberate or not, it needs addressing.  God understands the same about us.  Whether the sin was intentional or not, He handles it with discipline.  We’re better for the correction.  God has taught us a new aspect of life.

God disciplines with love.

The beauty of God’s discipline is the grace He uses.  Accepting His love when I know I’ve wronged Him is difficult for me.  Yet God still pours His affection into my life, despite my flaws.  When He disciplines, I know it’s because He loves me and is trying to teach me.  Tough love means accepting correction in our lives.  Becoming more like Christ requires God’s authority; without His course modifications, we’ll lose our way.

God does forgive, and He does discipline.  But His correction is always done with love.  God’s purpose is to help you on your journey of becoming more like Christ.


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Lord, how I love You.  Thank You for loving us first.  In Your mercy, forgive our sins. Correct us when we are heading in the wrong direction.  Discipline us so we can become more like Christ.  Shower us with Your grace as we accept Your authority in our lives.  Understanding our actions have consequences is difficult sometimes.  Thank You for disciplining us with Your grace.  Give us a heart of acceptance as we receive Your correction.  Without You, we can’t become.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How has God disciplined you?

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