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“Immediately the rooster crowed the second time. Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken to him: “Before the rooster crows twice you will disown me three times.” And he broke down and wept.” Mark 14:72 NIV

Jesus’s answer to betrayal is love. We all have been betrayed, Jesus most of all.  And Jesus loves us anyways. Peter, beloved disciple, follower from the beginning of Jesus’s ministry, betrayed Him.  Peter’s denial of Christ came right before Jesus is crucified. Jesus knew Peter was going to do this, He had forewarned Peter (Luke 22:34 NIV).  Peter never thought he would betray Jesus, yet he did. Not only did Peter betray Jesus, He did it three times.  Jesus knew all of this when He got on the cross soon after. Jesus knew betrayal, He overcame it with love.

Jesus knew betrayal, He overcame it with love.

Betrayal is an ugly thing.   Betrayal, in its barest essence is about breaking someone’s trust.  Trust is fragile. Trust is our belief other people won’t harm us. When people do hurt us, trust is broken.  Betrayal is a part of our life here on earth. Betrayal was part of Jesus’s life. His betrayal far deeper than any we will know, His response, love.

I remember the first time I felt betrayed by my husband.  We had only been married a couple of years. He got a speeding ticket, he hid it from me.  I felt betrayed because he didn’t tell me. He had deliberately kept something from me. When I found out,  I was devastated. I thought we told each other everything. But in reality we didn’t. He didn’t keep it from me to be malicious, he was embarrassed.  He shouldn’t have been speeding, He was caught. But it didn’t take away the shock of not knowing for me. And it didn’t take away the new dimension it added to our relationship.  A piece of my trust had been broken. I felt betrayed. But then I thought about Jesus.

Jesus is who I can lay my hopes and dreams upon.  Jesus is the One who never betrays our truth. Jesus is the cake, my husband the icing.  I don’t expect my husband to fulfill every need I have, Jesus does that. I don’t expect him to always be perfect, Jesus is the One who is perfect.  I expect him to be the man God made him to be, the imperfect one. The one who is too embarrassed to tell me he got a speeding ticket. I want him. Jesus is the cord that binds us together, two imperfect people bound together with Him (Eccl. 4:12 NIV).  The strength in the cord is the perfect love of Christ.  Jesus knew betrayal, He overcame it with love.

Question of the Day:

What betrayal do you need to give to Jesus today?

Further Reading: Numbers 14:1-15:16 NIV, Mark 14:53-72 NIV, Psalm 53:1-6 NIV, Proverbs 11:4 NIV

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