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“Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding as well.”  John 2:2 CSB

Even Jesus partied.  In fact, this wedding is where He did His first miracle, turning water into wine (John 2:7-8 CSB).  Parties are a large part of the Christmas season.  Often, we may have 2 or 3 parties in one day. Cookie exchanges, white elephant parties, work parties, school parties, family parties, all kinds of parties occur during the holiday season.  Trying to fit them all in can seem impossible, and probably is. That is why it’s okay to say no. The world won’t come to an end if we don’t attend every party we’re invited too. Friends and family will understand if you can’t attend, as long as we give them plenty of notice and explain why.

Choose wisely which parties you will attend.  The wedding Jesus attended also included His mother and His disciples.  These were the people who were closest to Him throughout His ministry. They were His followers, and this party deepened their belief in Jesus.  “Jesus did this, the first of His signs in Cana of Galilee. He revealed His glory and His disciples believed in Him” (John 2: 11).   Christmas is a time of celebrations, but it’s impossible to attend them all.  Say no to parties that will tax or drain you for whatever reason, say yes to the ones that will build you up and help you enjoy the season.

The most important thing to remember this holiday season is what the foundation is, peace and goodwill.  In the words of Luke,  “And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:10-11 NIV).  Don’t let the hustle and bustle of Christmas parties steal your joy.  Don’t let trying to please everyone take away your peace. Let Jesus’s presence in your life reign this season.  Prioritize you time, prioritize the people you spend it with, prioritize your schedule.  

And if you find yourself at a party where you don’t know many people, take the time to get to know them.  Ask questions, find out their stories. Most importantly, let your light shine into their lives as you let Jesus’ love for you overflow to them.  Holidays are tough for everyone, meeting new friends and bringing them some joy can help alleviate their stress and yours. My favorite questions to ask when I meet someone new, “Where are you from?;”  “How did you end up here?” Those inevitably end up being some of my most interesting conversations. They are a starting point for conversation that rarely fails.

Whatever your holiday party schedule is like, don’t let it rule your life. Say no.  Plan your time wisely, just like Jesus.

Today I’m going to find rest from parties by saying no.  How can you find rest today? Comment below.

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