Weakened Strength

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Weakened strength.

When someone has unconfessed sin in their lives, it weakens them. Living with the heaviness of their wrongdoing weighs them down. My mom had a wooden box where she kept rare change. She collected Susan B. Anthony dollars, minted from 1979-1981, that honored the women’s suffrage leader, the first woman to appear on a coin.[i]  I would steal one of these coins for months and use it to buy candy. The weight of my sin caused me much grief. I knew Mom would eventually find out, yet I kept doing it.

The longer I continued my errant ways, the weaker I became. Knowing I not only sinned against my mom but also God plagued me. Living with the constant fear of Mom catching me stole energy from me. Eventually, Mom found out, and I had to pay the price for my sin. She hid her special box from me, and I never stole from her again. But I didn’t repent until I got caught. Even now, decades later, thinking about it, shame fills me. Not only did I disappoint Mom, but God as well.

Obeying God gives us strength, but anything that goes against His will weakens us. If we want to tap into the Almighty’s power, we must walk in His ways. Unconfessed sin will separate us from the Savior and weaken our souls. Right hearts live right with God.


Lord, help us unburden ourselves to You.  Give us the courage to submit and humble ourselves before You, admitting our hidden sins and feeling the weight lift from our shoulders. Strengthen us as we seek You, learning to live like Jesus, letting our past go, and finding hope for a different future. IJNIP. Amen

[i] https://www.usmint.gov/coins/coin-medal-programs/circulating-coins/susan-b-anthony-dollar

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