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Open book.

“Did you pray today,” the large, white, square sign read on the back of an 18-wheeler we saw headed south on I-95.

“Yes, I did. I’m praying right now,” I said when Ron brought the sign to my attention. Paul tells us in his letter to the Thessalonians to pray continually, keeping a constant flow of communication open with God. Constant confession keeps me chatting with God. Currently, I’m confessing my anxiety to Him that plagues me after my recent health scare. My thoughts want to go places they shouldn’t, so I pray to capture them and bring them into obedience to Christ.

Not covering up our shortcomings but confessing them helps us move forward, learn our lessons, and grow as people. The Lord forgives us, and we must learn to forgive ourselves. When we recognize sin in our lives, we should immediately take it to the Lord, not trying to hide it but instead dealing with our faults.

Living abundantly in Christ happens when we acknowledge our sins, don’t try to cover them up, and confess them to God. If necessary, we may need to seek forgiveness from someone we’ve injured. If so, the Holy Spirit will prompt us to take the right steps. But all confessions start first with God, then with others.


Lord, thank You for Your immediate forgiveness. Help us forgive ourselves as quickly as You do. Teach us through our mistakes, mature us, and let us become more like Jesus as we keep the lines of communication open. Give eyes to see and ears to hear what You have for us, guiding us on the path of abundant life. IJNIP. Amen

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