Fear of the Lord

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Daily Reading: Daniel 1:1-2:23, 1 Peter 3:8-4:6, Psalm 119:65-80, Proverbs 28:14

Daily Verse: “Blessed is the one who fears the Lord always, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into calamity.” Prov. 28:14

Fear of the Lord.

Reverential fear of the Lord means respecting His sovereignty in our lives.  Raised in a Protestant home, my parents instilled the fear of God in us.  I worried more about the Creator’s anger than I did my parents; by doing so, I avoided trouble.

However, when I hardened my heart to God and His commands in my late teens and early twenties, I found myself in trouble.  Partying too much, getting involved in the wrong relationships, and having no respect for life itself, my early years exemplified chaos and calamity.

But then I found my way back to the Great Comforter, who took me in His arms and soothed my aching heart.  Following Jesus healed my self-inflicted wounds and gave me a new life filled with hope.  Day after day, I became whole again.

Give God top priority in your life, worshipping Him with reverential fear and submitting to His sovereignty.  Live to please an audience of One, and the rest of life will fall into place.

Soft hearts become like Christ; hardened ones find nothing but trouble.

Lord, forgive us for hardening our hearts towards You.  Please help our hearts remain soft and malleable as we live in reverential fear of You.  Guide and direct us to the places You want us to go; let us learn what You have for us and become more like Christ daily.

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