Show Good Sense

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Daily Reading: 1 Samuel 14:1-52, John 7:31-53, Psalm 109:1-31, Proverbs 15:5-7

Daily Verse: “A fool despises his father’s instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is prudent.” Prov. 15:5

Show good sense.

How people respond to discipline reveals their character. Fools despise instruction, thinking they don’t need it. But prudent people understand they don’t know everything and have much to learn. Strong character accepts feedback and learns from it.

To fulfill our purpose, we must learn to accept feedback. Without constructive criticism, we can’t grow. Only when we accept our limitations can we find ways to overcome them. 

People who want the best for us will tell us the truth out of love like my husband does with me. When I ask him for feedback on my writing or handling of a situation, he gives me his honest analysis, which helps me learn and grow.

When taking instructions, always consider the source. Foolish people don’t give wise advice. If they consistently make poor decisions in their own lives, they won’t provide the best feedback for yours.

Accept instruction, stay humble, and hungry for wise advice.

Lord, forgive us for ignoring instructions. Please help us stay humble and hungry for wise directions. Let us fulfill our purpose on earth as we continue to grow our character through discipline and application of the directions we receive. IJNIP. Amen

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