How Devotion Will Make You Closer to God and Others

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Daily Reading:  Ezekiel 37 GW; Acts 2 GW

Daily devotion convicts.

Not a morning goes by that God doesn’t convict me of something.  Every morning, when I open my Bible, one scripture always speaks to me more than others.  Sometimes, God reminds me of something I did or said to someone else.  Other times, my guilt is over something I think I’m hiding from God, but in reality, I’m not.  But each day, when I seek God, He prompts me into action.

Many people receive texts, cards, or calls based on my morning time with God.  Confessing my sins to Him each day renews me and draws me back to my Creator.  Some days, I have to admit to others my wrongdoings as well.  But one thing is true; my daily devotion moves me closer in my relationship with God and others.

Devotion grows.

I remember the first time I read through the Bible in a year.  Around 30 years old, before Youversion, I had a paper Bible.  My reading plan was simple, read front to back.  Not at all how I would suggest someone read through the Bible the first time.  The Old Testament is brutal to get through if you don’t know Jesus.  I got behind at one point, eventually stopping.  During the period when I stopped reading, I noticed a difference in my spirit.  Unsettled and rattled are the words that best describe how I felt.  But as soon as I started daily reading God’s word again, His peace returned.

Now, a couple of decades later, I’m still reading my Bible daily, and how I know devotion grows.  From fifteen minutes a day, I’m now writing daily devotionals.  My time with God multiplied. The further I go in my relationship with Him, the deeper I want to go. My relationships are better than ever before, and God’s peace reigns in our lives, even in the storms.

Talk to God every day.  Read His word and apply it to your life.  Watch as you grow closer to God and others.  Your relationships will blossom like never before.


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Lord, thank You for meeting with us every day.  Forgive us for the days we don’t show up.  Give us a desire to start our day with You every morning.  Let our devotion to You grow each day, helping us become a new creation in You.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

How is your daily meeting with God changing your life?

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