How People Lying Will Make You Appreciate Truth

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Daily Reading: Ezekiel 36 GW; Acts 1 GW; Psalms 109 GW

Lying is innate.

All of us lie; we don’t need a lesson in deceit.  When you ask a three-year-old boy who has cookies all over his face if he ate the baked good, the toddler will instinctively say “No.”  Even caught red-handed, our instinct is to lie.  Human nature is human nature.  Understanding that you lie helps you forgive those who lie about you.  

Not only must we accept that we are liars, but we also must accept people lie about us. People tell falsehoods for many reasons. Perhaps they feel better about themselves by making someone else look worse.  Or maybe they’re ashamed of their behavior and are trying to cover it up by telling tall tales about someone else.  And making up stories about others is one way people entertain themselves.  People lie for all kinds of reasons.

But truth always prevails.  Bringing the facts to light may take time.  People become entangled in the lies they tell, as well as the ones they believe.  The difference between truth and a lie, the facts always come out.  Lies never stand against the test of time.

Wait for it.

When lies are swirling around you, wait for truth’s exposure.  False stories never last; the facts always come to light.  Right now, in our world, the truth about the past 18 months is beginning to emerge.  Manipulation through mass media is becoming more and more evident.  People realize you can’t believe everything you read or watch on the internet.  Fake news is more prevalent than real news.

But truth does survive.  Lies fall away quickly as the facts become apparent.  When you are the topic of the lies, weather the storm by standing firm on the truth.  Jesus endured many false accusations during His time on earth, but He grounded Himself in the reality of the Father.  God’s Son understood, lies don’t last; they always fade away.

Accept lying as part of life.  Trust that the truth always comes out.  Seek the facts, appreciate the truth.


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Lord, thank You for exposing the truth to us.  Forgive us for when we lie.  Help us always to tell the truth.  When others tell lies about us, help us forgive them quickly.  Don’t let the devil get a foothold in our lives.   Let Your truth become our guiding light.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What lies have you told lately?

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