How Pleasing God Will Make You Christ’s Servant

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Daily Reading: Ezekiel 1-3 GW; Galatians 1 GW

Choose who you please.

Every day we all face the same choice:  God or people.  Who are you going to please?  If you’re more concerned with people, God isn’t a priority in your life.  Doing what will make others happy isn’t fulfilling.  But when we care about God over people, it’s a win-win situation.  Pleasing God means loving people unconditionally, but that’s not the same as pleasing them.  Loving people for God means putting their best interests first.

For instance, if you’re five year old wants to play with a hot stove, you say no.  Pleasing the child in this instance causes them more harm than good.  Loving them means not allowing them to have what they want because you are protecting them.  God does the same thing for us.  He tells us no because the Almighty is protecting us from injury.  

Pleasing God doesn’t always please others.

In one of my social groups, we had a minor conflict occur.  At a recent event, a woman approached me with a question.  A lie would avoid controversy, but Jesus is clear; we’re not to tell falsities.  So I told the truth, which led to upheaval.  However, in the long run, exposing the truth was the best option.  A friend later said to me, “You should have just lied.” My response was simple, “I love Jesus; He doesn’t like lying.  Jesus comes first.  Sometimes God calls us to take a stand, and apparently, He wants me to take this one.”

Pleasing God and people are impossible.  We have to choose who is going to come first in our lives.  Essentially, we’re choosing between the eternal and the temporary.  Everyone knows when you buy a toy for a child, its appeal wears off quickly.  But when we decide to put God first, His presents last for eternity.

Choose wisely today.  Please God first and foremost; follow His instructions for loving people.  Not every action will make others happy, but if you love them for Jesus, you will help them know God.  The best gift you can give anyone is an introduction to the Almighty.


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Lord, thank You for eternal life.  Forgive us for trying to please people instead of You.  Help us to choose wisely today.  When faced with the decision of who we are going to serve, let us always choose You.  Give us the strength and courage to do what You call us to do.  IJNIP  Amen

Question for reflection

Who are you concerned with pleasing today?

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