How Rebuilding Will Make You Admit You’re Wrong

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Daily Reading: Ezekiel 4-7 GW; Galatians 2 GW

No one is always right.

Become comfortable with your imperfections.  Paul is writing to the Galatians.  If you’re unaware of Paul’s history, he killed and tortured anyone who followed Christ.  Then, one day on his way to Damascus, Paul met Jesus.  At the time, his name was Saul. After his heavenly encounter with Jesus, he became a new person in Christ, with a new name, Paul.

Paul’s conversion was miraculous.  Light shone from heaven as Jesus confronted Paul on his journey.  Immediately, Paul knew his experience changed his life.  When we meet Jesus, life change is the result.  We leave our past behind and begin rebuilding a new life in Christ.

Admitting our faults is difficult for everyone.  When I was a store manager, I made mistakes on the schedule.  My assistant would point out my errors, which made me feel like an idiot.  In my late 20’s I had high expectations of myself.  Whenever I faltered, I felt like a failure in front of my staff.  At the time, I was rebuilding my relationship with Jesus after years of turning my back on Him.  My newfound faith gave me the strength to admit my faults.

In our weakness, God makes us strong.

Admitting our weaknesses makes us vulnerable.  Recently, I watched a rising tennis star whose father is developing two forehands for the youngster. Naturally right-handed, the boy’s left forehand is the weakest.  Every opponent the young man faces knows to hit the ball to the left side.  Inevitably, they are helping the athlete become stronger by exploiting his weakness.  The more practice he gets, the stronger his forehand becomes.

In the same way, when we expose our weaknesses, God helps us become stronger. We’re able to accept our imperfections, realizing God made us that way for a reason.  Paul became God’s most prominent advocate, writing most of the New Testament.  Because of Christ,  his life changed dramatically.  Jesus does the same for us. 

Admitting you are wrong isn’t a weakness; it’s a strength.  Rebuilding occurs when we can say we’re sorry.


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Lord, thank You for turning our weaknesses into strength.  Forgive us for not admitting our faults.  Help us become comfortable saying we were wrong.  As we become comfortable with our imperfections, let Your perfection cover our shortcomings.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What area do you need to admit you were wrong?

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