Why Believing Will Make You Convinced of Things Unseen

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Daily Reading: Jeremiah 36-37 GW; Hebrews 11 GW

Air is unseen.

You have faith whether you think you do or not.  Everyone living today believes oxygen exists, even though they can’t see it.  Without O2, we can’t live. Each breath you take is one of faith, believing oxygen is present, filling your lungs, supporting your life.   Faith believes what is unseen.

Taking steps of faith means moving forward even though you don’t know what is ahead.  Trusting, as you journey along, no matter how slowly, God is with you.  Pain is something that comes with love.  If we didn’t care deeply for other people, the pain wouldn’t exist.  God wants us to trust Him with our wounds, crying out to Him in the depths of pain.   Our most powerful prayers are the shortest, “Lord, help me!”  God will if you let Him.

Open your heart.

Believing in the Creator requires opening your heart to things unseen.  Never will you understand everything that happens in this life.  Pain is part of the journey; learning to deal with it healthily helps us move forward.  Instead of running from the hurts in life, move towards them.  Acknowledge the dark places that exist in all of us, then give them to God.  Let Him bear your heartache for you, comforting in ways only God can.

In my most painful times of life, I’ve turned to God’s word.  When my mom experienced emergency surgery to save her life, I remember reading my Bible by her bed.  When the pastor walked into the room, that was what I was doing.  Only by burying myself in God could I find His peace in dire circumstances.  God always shows up.  My habit of turning to the Bible started in my twenties.  Even though I wasn’t attending church or actively pursuing a relationship with God, I’d open the Bible and start reading when times got tough.  During my flight attendant days, I praised God for the Gideons, who placed Bibles in hotels.  I used them often.

Trust in what you can’t see.  God is with you.  His plan is unfolding in your life.


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Lord, thank You for always surrounding us.  Forgive us for doubting.  Today, as we face the devil’s ploys, let us not doubt.  Give us faith to overcome any obstacle.  Our lives are Yours.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

How are you believing in the unseen today?

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