How God Writing on Your Heart and Mind Will Make You Blossom

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Daily Reading:  Jeremiah 34-35 GW; Hebrews 10 GW

God is the ultimate author.

Our actions come from our thoughts.  We either capture our thoughts, or they capture us.  When God writes His thoughts into ours, He gains control.  The bottom line is this, God’s word never comes back void.  When we are obedient to God, He blesses our efforts.

One of my favorite memories from my days at Nautica happened in the first year.  At a training, a few of us were enjoying the weather, sitting on the front porch of our hotel.  In Miami, we were oceanfront.  My roommate brought up faith, asking the group what our thoughts were on God.  Immediately, this verse ran through my mind:

“But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny in heaven.”  (Matthew 10:33 ESV)

New on the job, not knowing any of these people; I couldn’t believe the situation.  Still young in my adult walk with the Lord, I didn’t feel equipped to talk about Jesus.  But I knew I couldn’t lie because God would know.

Embrace the message.

Standing in a crowd, I felt very alone, but I cared more about what God thought than man.  When my turn came to answer the question, I said: “I love Jesus.”  What happened next was a moment I’ll never forget.  Tracy, who quickly became a friend, started preaching the gospel.  “Amen,” he said, “My aunt thinks I’m lost, but I ain’t lost. Jesus found me a long time ago.”

Let God write on your hearts and minds.  Spend time memorizing the passages that speak to your soul the most.  We’re all different.  The verses that speak to me may not you, that’s ok.  Life is best when we become who we’re meant to become and allow others to do the same.  The more pages God fills in You, the more your life will blossom.

Let God’s word lead your actions.  Replace your thoughts with His. Bloom today. 


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Lord, thank You for writing Your will on our lives.  Forgive us for constantly trying to force our agenda.  As we move through the day, let us follow Your promptings closely.  Control our thoughts with Your word.  Give us courage when we need it.  Let us honor You in all things.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

How has God helped You with His word?

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