Why Loving Your Neighbor Will Make You Happy

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Daily Reading:  Hosea 12-14 GW; Romans 13 GW

Blessings come from love.

When you give love away, it always comes back tenfold.  In God’s economy, He multiplies, not divides.  We are all equal in the Lord’s eyes; sinners in need of grace.

Loving your neighbor as yourself will bring you joy.  For instance, I love flowers, inheriting my mom’s love of them.  Each spring, I buy flowers to fill my pots on our back deck.  This year, I was zealous in my purchase and ended up with extra blooms.  Wanting to share my love with my neighbors, I found cute little pots for the gift.  When my neighbor answered her door and saw the flowers, her face broke into a smile.  And I’ll never forget her words, “God must have sent you.”

Surprisingly, my sweet neighbor had a water leak that caused thousands and thousands of dollars in damage.  A new washing machine installed improperly was the culprit.  Since the laundry is upstairs, her ceiling and floor needed replacing.  At her wit’s end, she was frustrated with life when I showed up unexpectedly with flowers.

Embrace the moment.

Trying to put into words how I felt in this moment is difficult for me.  My neighbor’s look of relief surprised me.  Adoring looks are uncomfortable for me.  And when she told me her dilemma, my heart swelled with love for her and God.  I was thankful I followed His promptings and loved my neighbor.  Not only did God use me to encourage her, but He also drew us all closer.

We can’t solve the big problems of the world; that’s God’s job.  What we can do is love our neighbor like ourselves.  And when you think of neighbors not only as those who live next door but everyone, you realize that many people need love.  In a world of anger and hatred, love is the answer.

Love your neighbor today.  Watch how God multiplies your efforts.  Enjoy the blessings.


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Lord, thank You for loving us.  Forgive us for not loving our neighbors better.  As You place opportunities before us today, let us take them.  Help us love others better than ever before.  As You pour into us, let us pour it out to others.  All glory is Yours.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What neighbor needs love today?

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