Why God Pulling You Out of the Pit Will Make You Honor Him

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Daily Reading: Chronicles 27-29 GW; Psalms 30 GW

Victory is God’s.

When God moves, you know it.  A few years ago, I experienced job elimination.  Working as a volunteer staff person for a multi-site church, one of the campuses was closing.  Three full-time paid staff were out of jobs.  To maintain the positions, leadership decided to eliminate my staff position without talking to me.  

On a beautiful Thursday morning, I was sent a text and asked to come in for a meeting.  With a smile on his face, the pastor told me I no longer had a position. Of course, I could stay long enough to do the work for the next semester, but I no longer was on staff. The callous handling of the situation caused me much pain.

(Yes, I’m still working through the hurt)

My heart broke into a million pieces as he glibly let me go.  Eighteen months of hard work ended at that moment.  Without warning, I was in a pit I didn’t see coming.  

Twenty-five days after my heart broke, I wrote these words:

“Life with God is so much better than life any other way.”

Pits make you look up.

When we are in a pit, whether one of our own making, someone throws us into it, or we accidentally slide into it, they cause us to look up.  Desperate times in life cause desperate actions.  Soldiers in foxholes aren’t debating God’s existence when they’re under fire.  No, soldiers in battle pray.

Amidst my pit, I sought God.  We did leave that church, but we didn’t leave church.  Step-by-step God led me to where I am today.  Because of that pit, God completely changed the  course of my life.  Never would I have accomplished my Masters’s degree if I didn’t go through that pit.  And I give God all the honor and glory.  He pulled me out of the hole.

Whatever pit you’re in today, look up.  Ask God to show you the first step to take.  Then the next one.  Life is a journey.  We get out of pits one step at a time.


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Lord, thank You for rescuing us from our pits.  Forgive us for thinking You don’t care.  Guide us today, show us clearly what step we are to take next.  Help us follow You, Lord, don’t let us get distracted by our enemies.  In You we find victory.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What pit do you need rescued from today?

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