Quick Thinking Will Make You Have Good Judgement

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Daily Reading: 1 Samuel 25-26 GW; Psalms 7 GW

Good judgment is a gift from God.

Today’s verse comes from the story of David, Nabal, and Abigail.  David asked Nabal for help, which Nabal refused to give because he didn’t know who David was (1 Samuel 25:10-11 GW).  David gets mad, has his men strap on their swords, and heads out to kill Nabal.  Thankfully, Abigail, Nabal’s wife, found out about the situation and thought quickly.  She saved them by taking supplies to David, meeting him on his way to gain vengeance.  When David realizes what Abigail has done, he says:

“May your good judgment be blessed. Also, may you be blessed for keeping me from slaughtering people today and from getting a victory by my own efforts.” (1 Samuel 25:33 GW)

Abigail saves Nabal, his men, and David.  If it weren’t for her, David would have proceeded on his efforts without consulting God, never a good idea.  But Abigail’s quick thinking and good judgment saved the day.

Bless people’s good judgment.

Like David, when you witness a good decision, bless the person.  Acknowledge the positive thing they just did.  Recognize the consequences of the choice.  David realized Abigail accomplished far more than just giving them supplies.

Every decision has a consequence.  Nabal’s choice would have had a bad outcome if Abigail hadn’t gotten involved.  

Family and friends intervening in our lives is a blessing. They have a perspective we can’t see.  When we misjudge a situation, they don’t.  Abigail was able to make a sound judgment because she knew Nabal well. She knew his weaknesses, probably from years of marriage.  Therefore, she could see what Nabal couldn’t.   

Acknowledge people when they make good decisions.  Thank them for how their choices positively impact your life.  Praise God for giving us people to help us choose wisely.


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Praise You, God, above for all You do on earth.  Thank You, Lord, for giving us people to help us make sound judgments.  Forgive us for not consulting You in our decision-making process.  Help us heed advice from wise counselors.  Let us quickly think when needed and make good decisions.  When we witness people use right-thinking, let us bless them.  Help us accept our limitations.  Let us have gratitude for those who have our backs.  IJNIP. Amen  

Question for reflection

Whose good judgment helped you?

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