God’s Rescue Will Make You Entrust Your Spirit to Him

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Trust comes with the rescue.

When you have faced an obstacle and overcome it with God’s help, you’ll trust Him more.  As I learn more and more about God, I realize, He always acts first. 

God sent Jesus as an act of love.  He made the first move in His relationship with us.  God also understands our doubting natures.  We aren’t God. Therefore, we question His ways simply because they aren’t ours.  God isn’t angry at us for questioning.  Relationships develop with questions.

When I first met my husband, I had lots of questions.  Finding out his marital status was my first inquiry.  I’m still questioning my husband ten years later.   He lived 43 years before I knew him.  I have so much yet to learn.  Every question leads to a discovery that deepens our love for each other and bonds us as one.

Bond with God.

Because God acted first, He started the conversation.  God invites you to talk to Him.  He’s available 24/7.  When you begin chatting with God, things start to happen. When God moves in your life, you know it’s Him.  One of the things I love about God is His uncanny way of doing things.  You can’t take credit for the victory.  However, God won the battle for you; He didn’t require effort from you at all.  

And when that happens, you trust God more.  You give Him more of your spirit, which entwines with His.  As your faith in Him grows, you become more intertwined.  Your heart grows more in line with God’s.  Your desires become what God’s are, the love of His people.

Thank God for the rescue.  Allow yourself to trust Him more.  Entrust your spirit to Him.


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Lord, how gentle Your Spirit is within us.  Your presence in our lives is determined by how much we trust You.  Thank You for giving us reasons to count.  Praise You for rescuing us from our storms.  Forgive us, Lord, for trying to do it on our own.  Help us release our spirit to You today, as we learn to trust You more.  Take the blinders off our eyes, help us see Your truth today.  Let us embrace Your grace and mercy, then help us share it with others.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What has God rescued you from lately?

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