Desperate Times Will Make You Pray Heartfelt Prayers

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2 minute prayer.

Daily Reading: Psalms 54 GW; 1 Samuel 23-24 GW; Psalms 63 GW

God’s ears are open.

Because God doesn’t do our bidding, we may feel He isn’t listening.  God isn’t a vending machine in the sky.  He always hears our prayers.  What He wants from us is honesty.  

When we converse with God, He wants to talk about heart issues.  In those areas of your life that you don’t like to think about, much less discuss, God wants to know.  

Your schedule and God’s are not the same.  

Praying for family and friends is fantastic.  But God wants to talk about you.  What is breaking your heart?  What pain are you trying to deal with today?  God wants to help you.  But you have to let God into the places you may not want to go.

You can trust God.

Somewhere along the line, we get the impression God is angry at us for our sin.  He’s not.  Jesus proved that on the cross.  Nothing you have done or ever will do can separate you from God’s love.  Trust God does love you, the good, bad and ugly.

Currently, my therapist has me working on a “Good, bad, and ugly” list about myself.  I struggle to find my value in being a child of God.  Understanding that God loves me just the way I am is complex for me.  Following Jesus means accepting ourselves completely, even the parts that aren’t so great.  For the past week and a half, I’ve been asking God to help me complete the lists.  Some ugly things have reared their head, but giving them to God releases me from their hold.  God does love me completely,  all of me.

God loves you completely; He does hear your prayers.  God is listening.  Now let Him lead the conversation.  Whatever the Spirit brings to your mind, talk about it with God.  Watch as He transforms you.


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Lord, how desperately we love You.  Today is a brand new day, one which we can rejoice and relish.  Forgive us for constantly forcing our agenda on You.  Help us today to let You lead the conversation.  Help quiet our minds and calm our breathing as we sit in silence with You.  When something comes up, help us discuss it with You.  Your will, not ours.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who is leading your conversation with God?

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