Realizing Tomorrow is Unknown Will Make You Appreciate Today

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Daily Reading: Joshua 19-20 GW; Proverbs 27 GW

Only God knows what tomorrow will bring.

Col. Benjamin Hawkins of North Carolina gets credit for the phrase, “If God is willing and the creek don’t rise.”  He was a senator in the Continental Congress responding to a summon to appear in the nation’s capital.  As long as God willed it and no unforeseeable circumstances occurred, he would make the trip.  Hawkins understood the fragility of life.

Everyone takes life for granted at some point.  We all assume tomorrow is just another day.  But in reality, none of us knows what tomorrow will bring.  Only God knows what the day holds.  None of us can predict future events.  

“We can make our plans, but God directs our steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 NLT)

If we don’t know what tomorrow holds, we shouldn’t brag. Just because you think something will happen doesn’t mean it will.  My husband and I are planning a camping trip for this summer.  After 2020, I’m more aware than ever; vacations get canceled.   God only knows what will happen between now and then.  God willing and the creek don’t rise; we’ll go on the journey.  But in the meantime, we have to live for today.

Don’t miss the moment.

Today is all you have.  Don’t lose out on the moment because you’re bragging about tomorrow.  This day will never come again; tomorrow is uncertain.  To enjoy today, we have to accept we have no control over tomorrow.  As we make our plans, God makes His for our lives.  Submitting our lives to Him means acknowledging, we’re not in control.

Trust God for today.  Don’t brag about what you don’t know.  Instead, let God lead you.  When the creek rises, know God has a plan.


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Lord, thank You for planning our days.  Thank You for creating each of us for a purpose, one that You will help us fulfill.  Forgive us for bragging about what we don’t know.  Today, as we make plans, let us submit them to You.  Help us accept Your will in our lives, especially when it goes against our goals.  Letting go of control is hard; help us release it to You.  As we follow You each day, let it become easier to trust Your will.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Have you bragged about tomorrow lately?

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