Jesus Will Make You Well

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Daily Reading: Numbers 23 GW; John 5 GW

Jesus asks for participation.

Today’s verse is referring to a man who was sick for 38 years.  Year after year, he laid by the Bethesda pool, waiting for someone to help him into the healing waters. Jesus asks him, “Would you like to get well?”  The sick man tells Jesus of his dilemma. Jesus tells him to “Get up, pick up your cot, and walk” (John 5:8 GW).  

We have a choice, even in our wellness.  People choose whether they want to get healthy; most decide not to change.  Alan Deutschman’s book, “Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and Life,” found only one out of nine people will make lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, etc.) that will prolong their life.  No wonder Jesus asked the man if he wanted to get well.  Jesus knew what Deutschman discovered; most people don’t want to get well.  

Say yes to Jesus.

When Jesus asks you if you want to get well, say yes.  Just like He knew what the sick man needs, Jesus knows what you need too.  Jesus always begins at the same place, forgiveness.  The first thing that happens when we enter into a relationship with Jesus, He cleanses us.  You can let go of whatever is holding you back from wellness; instead, embrace Jesus’s healing.

Today is a new day to choose.  Whatever ailment you have, accept Jesus’s offer to help.  The sick man was waiting for someone to help him into the healing waters.  Jesus gave him divine assistance that didn’t need the water.

Don’t fear change.  Choose life over death.  Let Jesus cleanse you.  Allow Him to create new life in you.  Let the old go as you embrace wellness with Jesus.


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Dear Lord, heal us.  Give us a desire to change.  Forgive us for our fear of the unknown.  Help us to embrace new life in You.  As we face decisions today, let us choose wisely.  Let us say “Yes!” to the healing Jesus offers us.  Give us a vision of a healthier lifestyle, one that includes Jesus.  Tear down any of our defenses.  Give us the courage to pick up our mats and walk, letting go of what lies behind us—embracing what is yet to come.  With You, all things are possible.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Where is change keeping you from becoming healthy?

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